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Going Out of Town? Stop By Autotech in Wendell, ID First.

Schedule suspension repair or wheel alignment service

The last thing you'd like to deal with on a cross-country road trip, or a trip across town, is your car breaking down. You'll feel at ease when you have your car inspected before you hit the road. At Autotech, we can service and repair your suspension and perform wheel alignment service. If you hear abnormal noises in your suspension or your car doesn't handle they way it used to, these are signs of suspension problems that can happen gradually over a period of time and can adversely affect how your car handles. This can increase your stopping distance and how your car handles avoiding danger on the road, as it can appear in the blink of an eye. Visit Autotech today for all your maintenance needs.

Our auto repair shop is conveniently located on Highway 46 in Wendell, Idaho. Visit us today.

We'll give you peace of mind

Don't take car troubles lightly. Even the smallest issues can worsen during long car trips. Consider these questions before you head out of town:

  • Does your car ride rough and sway from side to side? If you experience the front of your car take a dip during brake application, this could be a sign of worn shocks. Shocks are an important component and help keep you in control of your car. 
  • Do your brakes squeal? When you're dealing with worn brake pads and rotors, or a sticking brake caliper, vehicle handling can be compromised. You can count on us to diagnose and fix your brake system. 
  • Does your car pull to one side? We'll put you back in control behind the wheel. We specialize in up to date wheel alignment service that includes resetting steering wheel angle censors on new vehicles.

Call 208-536-2255 today to make an appointment for suspension repair or wheel alignment service in Wendell, ID.

We use Hawkeye Elite equipment so this means no more wheel targets that would damage the finish of the wheel.

Wheel alignments will save you money and make your drive soo much safer for you and your family. A few of the benefits of wheel alignments that go a long way

  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Save on auto repairs
  • Increased vehicle safety
  • Increased life of the tire