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A trusted auto repair shop since 1998

For years, the crew at Autotech has been repairing all kinds of cars, trucks and SUVs. We focus on quality automotive services, including suspension repair, wheel alignment, and preventive maintenance as well as automotive A/C repair. We've earned a reputation in the Wendell, ID area for our integrity, which is why local residents turn to us first for car repairs.

Visit our auto repair shop today to speak with a local mechanic.

Quality car repairs you can trust

You'll feel at ease when you visit our auto maintenance shop in Wendell, ID. Unlike our competitors, we won't pressure you to get unnecessary repairs. The mechanics at Autotech will look out for your family by:

  • Ensuring that your car is safe to drive: Strut or brake replacement | Electrical system diagnostic | Safety inspection
  • Extending the life of your vehicle: Oil change | Engine or exhaust system repair or replacement | Preventive maintenance
  • Keeping your car feeling comfortable: Air conditioning service | Suspension Service | Brake and Steering Service | Electrical Service

You won't regret choosing us as your neighborhood car repair shop. Call 208-536-2255 today to make an appointment for any of these services.

auto repair shop in Wendell, ID

5 signs you should take your car to an auto repair shop

Don't let minor car troubles get worse. Be proactive with your repairs by visiting an auto maintenance shop right away. Get in touch with a mechanic at Autotech today if:

  • Your check engine light is on.
  • Your car won't start.
  • Smoke is rising from your car hood or tailpipe.
  • Your brakes are making an unusual squealing or grinding noise.
  • Fluid is pooling underneath your car.
We'll diagnose your car troubles in a snap. Call 208-536-2255 today to make an appointment.

Featured Testimonial

Had to either junk our '03 Subaru or have the entire engine replaced. Dan handled the process from beginning to end - ordered the engine (twice, as he noted the first did not have a new head gasket and he was not satisfied), replaced the clutch as well as the power steering pump - all for a very reasonable price. Runs perfectly, he wants to check it in 500 miles to make certain all is good... terrific place, great guy, highly recommended.

Janine J.


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