Wondering What That Dashboard Light Means?

Visit Autotech in Wendell, ID for an automotive diagnostic test

If you're not sure why your check engine or other warning lights are on, a technician can tell you what's going on with your car. As part of our auto electrical services, we'll run a diagnostic test and diagnose your vehicle. One of our technicians will give you honest advice about your car repairs, so you won't have to worry about paying for services you don't need.

When a light comes on in your dashboard warning system, a computer diagnostic check will be performed to determine what area of the car is affected. Using special auto diagnostic equipment and test procedures, we will pinpoint issues with your car's:

  • Onboard computer systems (modern day cars have 10 plus computers in one vehicle)
  • Electrical systems health and performance
  • Engine mechanical repairs

Once we know what area is affected on your vehicle, we can schedule repairs right away. That way, you'll save time and money by not taking someone's advice on replacing components that do not need replacing. This is very common and we would like to prevent the unnecessary spending of money to replace good components. That way, you'll save time and money. 

Call 208-536-2255 today to make an appointment at Autotech in Wendell, Idaho to find the source of your vehicle's problem, or to inspect your vehicle's computer systems for possible future problems.

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What does an auto diagnostic test do?

We don't have to peek under the hood to find out what's causing your car troubles. Using special auto diagnostic equipment, we'll pinpoint issues with your car's:

  • Onboard computer systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Engine mechanical problems

There are many lights and computers on today's modern vehicle, with a preliminary diagnostic check the affected area of the vehicle can be identified. Once you know what's wrong with your car, you can schedule repairs right away. That way, you'll save time and money. Call Autotech in Wendell, ID today to schedule an appointment for a diagnostic test to discover the source of the vehicles problems.