Mechanical Repairs

Engine Replacements

Just because the gas engine in your vehicle is no longer performing does not mean you need to get rid of the entire vehicle. Replacing your engine will cost less than replacing the entire vehicle, and a replacement from Jasper Engines & Transmissions brings you and your family peace of mind of the state of your vehicle. Jasper Engine & Transmissions' large inventory means your engine replacement can be done in no time, too.

Transmission Replacements

Jasper Engines and Transmissions' provides transmission replacements for a wide range of applications. With a large inventory on hand, replacing your transmission will take significantly less time than rebuilding the transmission, or replacing the entire vehicle. A replacement will save you hard earned time, and money.

Transfer Cases

Jasper Engine & Transmission will provide you with a quality, competitively-priced transfer case for a variety of models. Our re-manufactured transfer cases will provide you with value that will meet or exceed the standards of the original manufacturer. We ensure quality through a series of tests like inspections of cracks, inspection of all internal parts, and water immersion.


Trust the experts at Jasper Engine & Transmissions for top of the line re-manufactured differentials. Jasper Engine re-manufactures differentials for a wide variety of vehicles, ensuring quality every step of the way.


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